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2019 Concours Classes

The 2019 Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance will be celebrating Porsche. We will be limiting judged entries to the 200 vehicles that represent the highest quality, marque variability and uniqueness we can assemble for our guests to enjoy. As a result, the Committee reserves the right to change or combine classes as necessary to provide the best experience for all attendees.

Featured Marque – Porsche

K1        Porsche 356

K3        Porsche 911/912/930/959 Air Cooled

K4        Porsche 911 Water Cooled through 2009

K5        Porsche Front-Engine 924/928/944

K6        Porsche Mid-Engine 914/Boxter/Cayman

KR        Porsche Racing


Other Automobiles of Distinction

A          American Pre-War to 1946

A2       American Post-War - 1947-1973

CC      CCCA Approved Classics-Closed

CO      CCCA Approved Classics-Open

AM      American Muscle Cars 1964 - 1973 

ASC    American Sports Cars

BIKE   Vintage Motorcycles

FE1      Ferrari Class 1 (12 Cylinders) Through 2006

FE2      Ferrari Class 2 (6/8 Cylinders) Through 2006

I           Imported Sports Cars - Through 1962

I2         Imported Sports Cars - 1963 - 1987 

PV        Preservation Class through 1975

Q          Exotics though 1987

RB        Rolls-Royce and Bentley Pre-War

RB2      Rolls Royce and Bentley Post-War

SD1     Vintage Hot Rods  

TC        Imported Passenger and Touring Cars - to 1964

TC2      Imported Passenger and Touring Cars - from 1965

V          Vintage Race Cars

W         Arcane and Rare - Through 1987

For information about the Preservation Class, please refer to this document. [[ 2019 ICJAG Preservation Class Guidelines.pdf]]