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PLEASE NOTE - The application deadline is April 23rd, 2023

Acceptance notifications will be e-mailed by May 10th, 2023

Please read carefully

You may submit your application through our on-line system (HIGHLY PREFERRED) or you may print out your hard copy form from the link at the bottom of the page and submit your entry and pictures by mail.

It is EXTREMELY important that you read ALL of the instructions below prior to filling out your application.


After you submit your application a confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address you provided. This will let you know we have your application. Please review the information carefully and contact the registrar if there are any errors.  


Below you will find the instructions you'll need to fill out the Entrant Application.


We recommend that you print out this page and use it for reference as you fill in your application form. 



In order to keep our administrative costs as low as possible you will not be required to pay for your entry at this time

You will you be asked to pay your $175 entry fee ONLY when you have been notified that your entry has been accepted by the Concours Selection Committee. 

Step 1 : Contact Information

VERY IMPORTANT - Regardless of who owns the vehicle, we need to have a single contact with whom we can communicate about the event. Enter this person’s name and email in this part of the form. (You will enter the owner’s name for the program and placard in another step.) We also must have a mobile/cell phone number so we can reach you or whomever will be with the vehicle on the day of the event. If you are the main contact but someone else (your spouse or business partner) will be with the vehicle at the show, you should enter their number in the “cell phone” box.

Step 2 : Vehicle Information

Vehicle Owner – Enter the name exactly as you want to appear in the program, our records and the vehicle placard. 


Year, Make, Model and Color – Only vehicles built in model years up to 1994 are eligible for the Concours, except for specific special exhibit classes or where model years are specified in the class description. In the unlikely event your car’s make/marque is not in the drop-down list, select OTHER and enter the model and make in the “Model” box. You may enter a generic color or the manufacturer’s nomenclature (e.g., “Guardsman Red,” or “Mint Green”).


Coach Builder – Provide this information ONLY if it is applicable to your vehicle; that is, automobiles where it was customary to have a bespoke body created or where known artisans were routinely called on to replace or extensively modify existing manufactured body styles.


Price When New – Choose between the five price ranges provided in the drop down list.


License Plate – Provide the state and license plate number of the car or motorcycle as it will appear at the Concours d’Élegance. Enter "None" if your vehicle has no plates or “Non-US” for other countries.


Other identifying data – If available provide either the VIN# (Vehicle Identification Number) or, if the vehicle was manufactured before VINs were required, the chassis number.

Step 3 : Class & Judging

You may choose to have your car entered for exhibit only or have it judged and therefore eligible for an award. All cars entered in the preservation class (PV) will be judged. NOTE - In selecting cars for concours participation, priority will be given to judged entries.

Whether or not you wish to have your car judged, please indicate in which class you would like your car to be exhibited. NOTE - final class assignments will be determined by the Hillsborough Concours d’Elegance and may be changed without notice.

Vehicle Description - The Hillsborough Concours creates a custom placard for each vehicle entered, which is displayed by your vehicle at the show (and will be yours to keep). We want to incorporate information about this specific vehicle in the placard, so let us know anything significant about this year/make/model and what’s special about your vehicle. This may be just how long you’ve owned it and whether and when it’s been restored. Or it may be its provenance or awards won at a significant Concours d’Elegance or other show.


Step 4 : Participate in The Tour d' Élegance - To be held on Saturday, June 24th


Check the box if you wish to participate in the 2023 Tour d’ Élegance with the vehicle you are registering for the Concours. NOTE: By checking the box you are agreeing to pay the Tour registration fee of $150 for the driver and $100 for each additional passenger.


Step 5 : Photographs - VERY IMPORTANT ! 


You are required to provide three (3) recent photographs of your car showing its front, side and engine compartment. All three are required. 


To begin the two-step selecting and uploading process, click on the “Choose File” button for the front view: 


  • When the file list box comes up on your computer, navigate to the directory where your photographs are located and then click on the file that has the front view of your vehicle. (We suggest naming your files clearly so you can easily identify which is the front, side and engine view.)

  • When the file is ready to be uploaded, you will see a green ball beside the name of the file. Then click on the “Upload your Front view image” button. You will see your photograph in the “Image Placeholder” box when the upload has completed. 

  • Repeat for each of the views. 

  • If you’ve uploaded the wrong photo, you can click on “remove” and it will delete the file from the database and you can upload the correct one. 


If your file fails to upload, there will be a red ball beside the file name. Usually, this means that the file is too large. If any one of your files is bigger than 5 megabytes, you can shrink it using the free utility at


Note: The system only accepts image files in .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif formats (this is the type created by almost all electronic cameras and scanners so you are probably OK). 


If you have any questions about how to upload your images, please contact the Registrar here


Form Completed


Once you have completed Step 5, you will be asked to if you would like to register another vehicle.  If you select to register another vehicle, you will return to Step 2 to begin the process again for a new vehicle.   All of your vehicles will be associated with the owner information already submitted in Step 1.

Otherwise, click "No Thanks" and you will be sent your confirmation email.



Submitting Your Entry


Click Here to Register Online (Preferred)


Or click here to go to printable entry form


PLEASE NOTE - If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately, then your entry was NOT received. Please check your spam or junk mail filter - it may be there. If not, please email the registrar right away.

If you have any problems - please contact the Registrar by clicking here (preferred) or calling  650.533.0962

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